Dreaming of heels?

I've always been a flats girl--always. I've only worn heels for very special occasions, including my wedding...but I took those off (lovely cream Marc Jacobs kitten heels) and wore my havaianas right afterward. So it's a wonder when I suddenly have a hankering to buy heels. I've been studying the J. Crew heels in the latest Sept. catalog and I see some that are really cute. So my next dilemma is...where would I wear these heels? I definitely couldn't get away with it while working in a library. I'd look like I just came back from a job interview or something... and on weekends I prefer casual comfort (not the sweatshirt variety, of course). So I'm stuck. I guess I'll have to just dream about them for now.


  1. These heels are so beautiful! I understand your dilemma, I love the way heels look but i absolutely have no place to wear them. Not to mention I am a clutz and would probably kill myself. I think we need to have a party and you can showcase these shoes at the party. :-)

  2. Terrific post! And it's so timely because I was just having a convo about heels yesterday evening with Chris. I said that one of the advatages of living in a city like Roch is that there is really no reason, no pressure, to wear heels...which I've always kind of disliked anyway ( I consider myself a flats girl too ). Frankly, you'd look like a nut if your wore them here. But then the dilemna ... the most fashionale people live in heels and sometimes I feel like I am from Arkansas with the mentality I have. AND THEN...you see a gorgeous gorgeous pair like this and you want to change your entire way of thinking...ugh...now I am just babbling ...but you see, I have so many 'issues' when it comes to this subject.

    By the way, the ONLY pair of heels I own are that pair of Kenneth Coles I bought in NJ for Wendy's wedding Ms. Macaron...how about that for a blast from the past :)

  3. Girls! i knew you'd both understand!!! see, i think i'm pretty much a klutz too and i'm sure i'd trip and break something.....but there's this great allure of heels and i would love to try them out....a party sounds like a good idea. only if i lived a bit closer to you guys! oh, i totally recall wendy's wedding and those great k. cole shoes! love those shoes.

    my mom is always telling me i should buy heels, but seriously...i'd really look like a freak if i wore them at work.

    so the dilemma continues.....