Madewell, J. Crew's little sister

Have you visited Madewell yet? Owned by J. Crew, i kind of see it as the younger sister store to the more sophisticated J. Crew. Their store is cute-- very small & quaint. I have to admit I haven't bought anything there yet, but I like to see what they're up to each month. It's geared towards the teens/ early 20s crowd, but it's still pricey. I like some of their sweaters, tees, & scarves.....Maybe I'll make the leap soon and buy something. Their PR/Marketing is brilliant. I'm loving the current web campaign featuring Camera Obscura's music and fun finds from The Inside Scoop.

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  1. Now how did I miss this?! What a great site with beautiful things. I can see how this is geared to a slightly younger crowd but the quality is so good, it really doesn't matter to me.

    Love it!