I might have a problem...

My Sunday afternoon project was tackling the closet in my spare room which has needed attention for months. As I was going through the clothes...some that I wear all the time and some that I haven't worn in years, I came across my pile of J.Crew tank tops. I never realized how many I had...for a minute, I wondered if they were multiplying behind my back, I decided to take a head count...23 was the grand total. I have them in every color, I have them in stripes, I have them with monograms...I just have a bunch. Do I have a problem? Am addicted to J.Crew tank tops? Well, I might have a problem if they weren't so darn useful. In fact, they might be the most useful article of clothing I have in my closet. I wear them spring, summer, winter and fall. I wear them with my best outfits. I wear them to sleep. I can't get enough of them and I stand behind everyone I have purchased and know fully that there are many more in my future :)

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  1. This is so funny, I bought a tank top that looks exactly like the one in the above post, the striped one at the Gap this week with biggums! I love it I bought one in peach stripe and green stripe, on sale, buy one get one free. I will have to go check out the Jcrew for sure!