How did I ever live without this one?

I was pretty late to the tinted moisturizer game, but now that I am on board, I am not sure how I ever did without this product. It's another one of those items that totally proves me wrong in the 'doing 2 things at once' category. Obviously, it is designed to moisturize AND conceal and a good one will do both well. I've tried a couple and have yet to be disappointed but it was Laura Mercier's version that got me completely hooked. It's not cheap but it's worth every penny. It is really all I use (and need) on my face. My skin has barely ever looked better. I have the oil free variety and I can honestly say, I am never, ever , ever going to use anything else.


  1. Oh thanks for this post Kate! This sounds wonderful! Can I buy this at Sephora? I have been using neutragena moisture/concealer which is ok and also tried Kiehls which is too thick. I am excited to try this!

  2. Yes! You should be able to find Laura Mercier at Sephora (that's where I got it). Like I said, its not super cheap but it worth it! It is very light...after first you may not think you are getting good coverage BUT you are!! And I am telling you, I think the quality of your skin improves if you use it. Fantastic product!