The Men Have It

I think we all agree that the choices women have when it comes to clothes are a lot more fun than men. There are some things they totally have us licked on though and one of those things is button-down shirts (an all-time favorite fashion item of mine). Sure, the oxford and dress shirts for women are cut and tailored to fit the differences in their body type, but as far as I am concerned, nothing beats the cut and clean lines of a man tailored shirt. That is why, whether I am at Brooks Brothers, JCrew, or the Gap, I hit the men's section and just buy the smallest size. It's a classic look I never get tired of and a fashion tip that I've followed forever.


  1. love oxfords...and i know what you mean about hitting men's depts for them! i always live vicariously through b. when i pick out his shirts...

    i've loved looking at the sartorialist's photos in his new book.... all the men are so gorgeously dressed.

  2. I always admire Joe's Ben Sherman button down shirts, he always looks so sharp!