Monogram love

Last night I had dinner (at my favorite Mike's Diner) with awesome Adriane. As a gift, she brought me this cool polka-dot pen (in green) with my initial on it. I got so excited because it is so extremely cute but also because I realized how much I love monograms. I would put them on absolutely everything if I could (stopping short of becoming 'Laverne' from Laverne and Shirley). One of my first monogrammed items was my classic LLBean Boat and Tote, which could really have a post all of its own. In the past 10 years, it has been everything from my gym bag to my library bag. It's sturdy and durable, but I really love it, because it is monogrammed.

P.S. Thanks again Adriane!


  1. Once again this post has inspired me to go shopping. I am going to get a bed for Zeus at LLBean today, but now I think I might get it monogramed. Zeus will love it!

  2. Oh god...that is so cute!!!!!!!!

  3. I bought Zeus a beautiful bed last night from LLbean, it is so nice. I wanted to get it monogrammed but Joe wouldn't let me, oh well. It is so cool they have a lady on hand at the store doing the monograms on the spot, awesome!!!
    Check out my guy's new bed!

  4. Now that is a good looking bed! It looks so comfortable, I think I would like to sleep there!

    To bad about the monogramming...sometimes men are no fun!

  5. Totally what a bore! I just realized that it is very cheap to have it monogrammed I might take it back to the store to have it monogrammed.